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Brand and logo design + website + Positioning Creation.

Creating the complete corporate identity, logo + stationery, creating the website with different pages explaining the philosophy of the company, its different services and contact form. Positioned in Google exclusively as a brand and different keywords.


SEO: 70%

Stationery Design complete with personalized cards made ​​of wood, printed official documents with good quality company stamp.


Rubber stamp design with the company logo in color and black and white printing on wooden planks with company brand “Vintage and Rustic” in size D-4 and 2.5 mx1m board.

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Responsive desing, compatible with any device.

Vintage and rustic is designed in all possible resolutions so that when users navigate from different devices can navigate smoothly and have access to services, and other contacts. We work desing responsive resolution to resolution for the web as much as possible conform to all devices.


To improve the Google rankings, this site is with clean code and web standards compliance. This website is created from the WordPress platform using different plugisn positioning and analysis to measure results and implement a marketing strategy.

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Website fully compatible with any mobile device, tablet or desktop PC. In the mobile version is fully adapted to the user having to hand any service and can contact the company via mail just 3 clicks.

The Rustic and Vintage website is designed so that at any resolution up to occupy your screen to lose well established design and a more emphatic that the user touch and feel attracted to the web and make you want to navigate it.

Stock products with white background for users to see the most detail so they stay cleaner and the web, giving a good aroma and stay to its sailors and so increase their attention and interest in your services and products.