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Creating brand identity and logo for Water Only

Only Water is a premium brand of mineral water, ideal for sodium diet and suitable for all ages, water Only Water comes from a single source with what varieties are unique. An excellent and fine water for the palate.

The bottle stands out as fine crystal, you can clearly see the water and watch this totally clean and pure. The threaded plug goes in and has no type of filter to be used when it is exactly the same as stated in the spring, the neck of the bottle is 10cm and is imprinted with the logo of the brand.

Only Water has won several awards and exclusivity has been recognized by prestigious chefs in Spain, has also been in various festivals and fairs tastings healthy meal.

For Only Water were designed as different kinds of envelopes as papalería with printed logo, pencils and pens, business cards with exclusive chrome trim, posters and signs for offices.

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Creating the logo and brand image.


    • Creating a logo one of the main requests of the client was that the logo would express subtlety and reflected the fine glass bottle material.
      We use a network of fine lines in random circular, once arrived at that conclusion, we created the circle and began to draw the lines and then be able to fill them with the colors of the corporate identity.
    • Once we had the ball with all strokes, proceeded to fill portion per serving of the most symbolic of the corporate brand colors, grace was choosing which portions to fill, playing with shadows and thus would express the fine crystal that is main feature of Only Water Bottle.
  • After completing all colors, we were qualifying spare for shade so that there was difference of lighting, and add other portions of glass outside the sphere to express even more fine crystal, then we add the name of water “Only Water” in inside the sphere using a font created by the typesetter cocinad marketing.
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Only Water also design for different kinds of stationery such as A4 sheets din personalized cards, durable plastic covers, pens with the logo of the brand, envelopes for sending letters and parcels to supply it.


This watermark was ranked as best waters in Barcelona 1967, prizes have enough healthy water only served in restaurants with a Michelin star and Actualemente is distributed throughout the Iberian peninsula.

Only Water was recognized by several high quality chefs as Daniel White and Sergi Serrano, was awarded silver in the competitions water tasters Spanish 2003, is currently being developed different types of water of the same brand Only Water.