packaging litros copy

Litros Bulk beer

Liters is a innovative business idea born in Catalonia, a brand of beer that is distributed in bulk, we select the best beers in the world and keep in oak barrels customer simply choose beer he likes and refill your bottle the bottle can be reused as many times as you want and selected beers will change the taste of consumers.

For the brand image of the client wanted to convey Liters tradition business model, elegance in communication and being a new product wanted to convey modernity and exclusivity.

To achieve the objectives set, wanted from a modern and functional basic concept, we select the naming of liters, as the beer is served in bulk liters, is a short, recognizable name and has that touch of modernity that needed the brand

logo litros

Liters logo, can remember those old grocery brands where the logo was just printed in the container box, at the same time given that we were looking minimalistic air.

With packagin wanted to convey the same, using wood and shaping the logo directly on the container’s either bottle, paper or box that supports it.

The stationery is also luck that classic horse facing the business idea and the modern and groundbreaking luck seeking to stand out from the other beer brands in the market.

litros rosa copy

Litros, the beer lifetime with a touch of color

We chose the light pastel colors that are young and trendy colors for the background, put the logo printed on the glass bottle only to highlight the importance of the brand and to observe good beer. The cap and seal plate also carry a trademark.

For each there is a different beer packaging, wrapping and packaging are also different depending on the beer. We respect the same colors chosen for the shopping bags as they always give the same bag, because monotony.

We really emphasize the ingredients and put in the explanation of each type of beer to enhance flavor and that can provide every type of beer, these posters use them as letter for your customers to find out exactly beer.